Branding & Communications Guide

The Mission Continues Communications Team is constantly working to share the stories of our veterans to the public nationwide. As our local eyes and ears on the ground, we need your support in sharing these stories. We have designed a special Branding & Communications Guide to assist you with your role in this important program.

As a Platoon Leader you too are a storyteller and a brand ambassador for The Mission Continues. Whether you’re at a Service Event, meeting with a partner organization, recruiting Platoon Members or posting on social media, you are representing The Mission Continues and this generation of veteran leaders.

The Mission Continues staff has developed tools and resources for Platoon Leaders to use so that you feel confident representing The Mission Continues.

Communications Team Support

The Branding and Communications Team at The Mission Continues is here to support each Service Platoon. We’re here to help you promote your service events. Please reach out to your CIM if there’s an event you’d like to share via our social media channels or if you need logos, flyers or other communications materials. 

Don’t forget to share your stories with us! Please relay any meaningful stories you experience as a Platoon Leader to your CIM and they will share with the Communications team.

Talking Points

Learn about how to craft a story of your Platoon. Click here