Platoon Events

Service Projects 

  • One per quarter, minimum
  • Large scale, driven by Platoon operations and strategy
  • Work closely with assigned team members
  • Long planning schedule
  • Majority of funding comes from Platoon budget

Support Events

  • One per quarter, minimum
  • Small scale, we provide volunteers to another organizations event
  • Good opportunity for Platoon members to step and lead
  • Short planning schedule
  • None, or very little funding, should be coming from Platoon budget

Social Events

  • Minimum: four a year.
  • Great way to recruit volunteers.
  • Aim for one a month. Keep it casual and simple. 
  • Mix between professional, veterans only, and family events.
  • Four week planning cycle.
  • Empower members to run and host events. 
  • Majority of funding comes from Platoon Budget. 
  • No alcohol!


  • Platoon meetings, networking events with other nonprofits, or any other special events. 
  • Does not count toward a service, support, or social event. But, it is suggested that these happen before a social event to help out with attendance.