Project Ideas

Resources used here include 
Kaboom! and other do-it-yourself websites. Painting ideas are from our supporter, Benjamin Moore. These are direct links to the websites. 

Remember, some of these projects can be complex. See if any Platoon members are skilled in landscaping, painting, or woodwork and ask them to help out. Some of these projects may also require a lot of prep and may not be done in one visit. 

Shopping Lists
Most of the projects below come with a shopping list from Home Depot. A few tips:
  • You don't have to buy from Home Depot, use any store you wish.
  • Not all hardware stores may have the exact item on the shopping list. Ask a store associate for the best alternative.
  • Estimates are based on Home Depot prices. They will vary from store and region. 

Use the TMC Lookbook to explore completed projects! Check it out here!

Community Gardens

Community gardens are a great and easy project for a Platoon.
Note: estimates do not include the price of soil

Benches & Tables

There are variety of benches and tables you can make for your project. Some are built from scratch and others can be assembled from a kit.

Assemble from Kit
*Note: requires purchase of 2x4's. Don't forget to stain or paint for that extra awesomeness! 
Indoor Classroom

Painting Projects

The following links will help you in your painting projects.

Gazebos & Shades
Let's make it nice outside! Check out some of the simple structures you can build.
Outdoor Classroom
Bring the learning to nature. Check out our plans and ideas for outdoor classrooms and discovery gardens. 
Additional Resources

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