Leadership Team

Service Platoon Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is essential to a successful Platoon. Not only does the Platoon Leader build a kickass team to make an impact in the community, but members have a chance to step up and own a part of the mission. Check out the four main positions:

The descriptions below are a guideline and how you should set up your team. In most cases, Platoons have multiple people helping out in a variety of areas. You can also have more than one person in the same role. And, of course, you can create your own Leadership Team members to meet the needs of your operation.

If you are looking for training for these positions, visit the Training Page.

Project Coordinator

The Project Coordinator takes the lead on planning high impact service projects with partners in your community (think nonprofits, schools, mayor’s offices) and ensures that each project is good to go. They organizes game plans and supplies to help the platoon achieve its mission.

The Person

Individuals should be interested in project management. This involves logistics, backwards planning, and supply chain management.

Social Engagement Coordinator

The Social Coordinator creates a welcoming environment for members at social events like paintball, improv nights, or bbqs after a service event.. They work to make sure that Platoon Members (and sometimes their families) have ways to get to know each other and have fun.

The Person

Having an interest in outdoor activities, social events, and drawing people out is essential in this role. This                             person will need to bring the fun!

Veteran Resource Coordinator

The Resource Coordinator works to connect veterans in the platoon to important resources to assist with transition and reintegration. They are a point of contact for other veteran service organizations in the community.

The Person

Individuals should be well connected to the veteran community and other resources that help veterans                                   become successful outside of the military. They should be skillful at tapping The Mission Continues’                                   connections, too.

Communications Coordinator

Communications Coordinator is the person who always knows what is coming on the horizon and keeps everyone in the loop. They work on updating social media, creating newsletters, and keeping members up to date about program, events, and opportunitie

The Person

Individuals have to be interested and experienced in communications, writing, and social media. They need                             to keep people not only up to date, but interested in what the platoon is actively working on.