Project Coordinator Training


Project Coordinator

The Crew Chief takes the lead on planning high impact service projects with partners in your community (think nonprofits, schools, mayor’s offices) and ensures that each project is good to go. The Crew Chief organizes game plans and supplies to help the platoon achieve its mission.

The Person

Individuals who want to be Crew Chiefs should be interested in project management. This involves logistics, backwards planning, and supply chain management.

Training for the Project Coordinator is the following modules:

Creating Service Projects

The Crew Chief will assist the Platoon Leader in planning Service Projects. This module will bring you up to speed on how that happens.

Service Projects - Platoon Leadership Team


Basecamp is a project management website to hub information, checklists, files, and discussions about your service project. It is a great planning tool and it is highly recommended to use for all project management. Watch the video below to learn more!