Social Media Policy

Watch our social media virtual training to learn more about how to maximize engagement through social media. Click here to watch!


  • Facebook Groups - there is a Facebook Group for every city (or, in some cases, a metro area). These groups are set up by the External Affairs Team.
    • Platoons are not allowed to create or operate a Facebook Page or a secondary Group.
    • Facebook Groups are to be set as public.
    • See further details below!
  • Twitter - Individual platoons, cities, or regions should not create Twitter accounts.
  • Instagram - Individual platoons, cities, or regions should not create Instagram accounts.
  • Tumblr - Individual platoons, cities, or regions should not create Tumblr accounts.
  • LinkedIn - Individual platoons, cities, or regions should not create new Company pages on LinkedIn nor LinkedIn Groups.
  • Blogging - Platoons are not allowed to create their own blogging website or account. Any blogs that the Platoon wishes to create should be submitted to the Communications Team and can be put on our official blog.



    • to encourage a community to develop around a certain metro area around TMC
    • to share opportunities that might be available for participants in our programs, such as:
      • joining leadership teams in their platoon
      • joining a platoon
      • applying for a fellowship
      • applying for a mass deployment


    • Both members and admins posting at least weekly, if not more.
    • Members posting on their own, unprompted.
    • Sharing opportunities both within and outside of TMC
    • Friendships being forged between participants
    • Sharing of ideas / best practices / questions being answered
    • Photos being shared from events
    • Lots of engagement—likes, reactions, comments
    • Constantly growing, people are inviting others


When we expand to a new city or metro area with a new platoon, a new Facebook group will be created by the External Affairs team. Groups will be restricted to a either or city or metro area. In an ideal situation, each group will include multiple platoons (though this won’t always be possible). CIMs will be listed as Admins, and PLs will be listed as Moderators. If requested, additional members of the platoon can be Moderators as well.


  • Approve or deny membership requests
  • Approve or deny posts in the group
  • Remove posts and comments on posts
  • Remove and block people from the group
  • Pin or unpin a post
  • View support inbox
  • Make another member an admin or moderator
  • Remove an admin or moderator
  • Manage group settings (ex: change the group name, cover photo or privacy settings)
  • Do anything a moderator can do (see above)


Here’s the breakdown of the different roles available in the Facebook group

A Moderator (PL, Leadership Team if requested) can…

An Admin (CIM, Social Strategist, TMC) can…

This for the most part will be the purview of the PLs and their leadership teams. In big cities / metro areas, the work will be divided amongst multiple platoons to share the load.

Here are some things that both PLs and CIMs should keep an eye on:

Some suggestions on things that are always OK to share:

    • anything we’ve posted from our main accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)
    • TMC-produced content, including but not limited to:
      • Impact Reports
      • Annual Reports
      • Videos like Charlie Mike
      • Media stories about TMC
    • upcoming event updates (either regional or national)
    • polls about membership (“what branch are you in?” “where should we do our next project?”)
    • information about upcoming fellowship deadlines
    • articles and information about city-related content (i.e. Operations, Partners, etc)
    • posts from other sources in our industry:
      • Task & Purpose
      • Got Your Six
      • WWP
      • Student Veterans Association

If you have more than 50 members in your group, you’ll have access to group Insights—this is a way for you to track growth, engagement, and other things. It’s not critical to use, but can be helpful in planning.


    • Did someone post spam?
    • Is there a fight going on?
      • Take the conversation offline
      • Delete the post, if needed (oftentimes you will need to post an explanation!)
      • Reiterate the rules of the community
      • Escalate to your CIM
    • In certain situations, the CIM will escalate to the Senior Digital Strategist


There are many Mission Continues Team Members and volunteers contributing to online spaces such as blogs, social networking sites, wikis, forums and photo and video sharing sites. We want to encourage our community to share content with us such as photos and stories of their Mission Continues experiences, but we need to be mindful of the impact on our brand and reputation. It is important that the Mission Continues supporters who choose to tell their Mission Continues story online understand what is recommended, expected and required.

The Mission Continues is committed to supporting honest, transparent, and knowledgeable dialogue through social media. The following guidelines will help you talk about your involvement with Mission Continues in an open and transparent way. The Mission Continues must always uphold the trust of our Team Members, Fellows, Service Platoon Members, donors and other supporters, so it is critical that we share our story responsibly.

We encourage you to use good judgment when communicating online, including on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat, and others. The following is a general and non-exhaustive list of guidelines you should keep in mind:

  1. Social media and similar communications have the potential to reflect on both you and The Mission Continues. We hope that you will show respect for our Team Members, Fellows, donors, affiliates and competitors.
  2. Make it clear that the views expressed in social media are yours alone. If you are going to use organization logos, trademarks, web addresses, email addresses or other symbols, please be aware that you are accepting that you are a representation of The Mission Continues, and ALL posts made should be reflective of our branding and message.
  3. Please be advised that you should not post any pictures of you engaging in inappropriate or illegal activities. This includes pictures of underage drinking if you are under the legal age.
  4. Please pay particular attention to pictures posted by you or of you while wearing any identifiable Mission Continues apparel. While wearing these items, you should be adhering to our core values and code of conduct.
  5. You may not use The Mission Continues’ name or other identifying information to endorse, promote, denigrate or otherwise comment on any product, opinion, cause, or person.
  6. Harassing, obscene, defamatory, threatening, or other offensive content must be avoided. Harassing or discriminatory comments, particularly if made on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, national origin, or other protected characteristic, may be deemed inappropriate even if The Mission Continues’ name is not mentioned.
  7. Ensure that engaging in social media does not interfere with your work or service.
  8. Show proper respect for the laws governing copyright and fair use of copyrighted material owned by others, including the Mission Continues own copyright and trademark. Please do not post copy-written information, logos, trademarks, photos, etc., that you do not have permission to post, including photos of children without the permission of a parent or guardian.