Swag, Swag, Swag

Swag is essential to volunteer engagement, representing in the community, as well as getting the The Mission Continues name out to other veterans. We take our swag seriously and hope that you do too!


Platoon Leaders will receive 75 t-shirts with The Mission Continues shield on the back. These shirts are intended for Mission Continues Platoon Members, Fellows and Staff only. Please do not distribute these shirts to community volunteers, family members or partner organizations as it allows us to identify the veterans in or programs versus community volunteers.

If Platoon Leaders would like to purchase additional Mission Continues swag for volunteers at projects they may do so using the Service Platoon budget. Visit our store at www.missioncontinuesshop.org and use the discount code “SERVICE” to receive 25% off your purchase.

The discount code should be used for Service Platoon Event purchases only, not for personal purchases. Please do not share the code with Platoon Members.

Banners, Tablecloth, and Guidon

Every Platoon will receive a minimum of one banner, one guidon flag, and one tablecloth for their events. As more promotional material is bought, we will be adding more banners and other signage to our Platoons. If you do not have a banner or tablecloth, or you need a replacement, please contact your Regional Platoon Team.

Flyer & Brochures

Before making any flyers or brochures yourself, please contact your Regional Platoon team for guidance. In most cases we have some already in stock and send them to you. It is normally not a standard practice for you to have flyers or posters for upcoming projects, but if you do have an opportunity to promote at a college, university, community center, or VA, please check out the branding guide for our standards. We also have some stock flyers that you can download and edit in Microsoft Word.