Platoon Events

There are four types of events you will be coordinating throughout the year. At minimum, you will be asked to host 1 event per month. With that being said, you are empowered to host as many events as you would like!

Service Project

A Service Project is primarily planned, coordinated and executed by you and your Leadership Team. Service Projects are directly linked to your operation and focus on specific objectives.

Here is some criteria around hosting a Service Project:

  • One per quarter, minimum
  • Driven by Platoon operations and strategy
  • Work closely with assigned team members
  • Ideally executed on a long-term planning schedule
  • Majority of funding comes from Platoon budget

Click here for an in-depth guide on Service Projects

Support Project

A Support Project is a great way to support your community partners. This project entails supporting another community organization's volunteer event to bolster their volunteer capacity.

Here is some criteria around hosting a Support Project:

  • One per quarter, minimum
  • We provide capacity through volunteers, expertise, and/or tools to another organization's event
  • Good opportunity for Platoon members to step-up and lead
  • Typically executed on a short planning schedule
  • No funding, or very little funding, should be coming from Platoon budget

Social Event

Treat your volunteers to relaxation and a time to have fun!

Here is some criteria around hosting a Social Event:

  • Minimum: three a year.
  • Great way to recruit volunteers.
  • Aim for one a quarter. Keep it casual and simple.
  • Mix between professional, veterans only, and family events.
  • Empower members to run and host events.
  • Majority of funding comes from Platoon Budget.

Special Event

A Special Event is designed to offer professional development and learning opportunities to your volunteers. These events could include networking sessions, public speaking opportunities, or professional development opportunities.