Platoon Event Banners

  • Find high-quality banner photos for your city, or use
  • one of the generic categories.Remember: to attach an image to your event, select your photo, and then right click on the enlarged image to copy the URL link for the image.
  • For Salesforce event pages, you'll need to shorten the URL using

Want to create your own banners?

Visit (check out these templates here!) and you can create your own. Here are some guidelines:

1) For square banners: 750 x 750 pixels. For rectangle: 850 x 315 pixels.

2) The closest font to our brand is League Gothic

3) Our blue is Hex Code #0060ae

4) When you are done creating a banner, you can send it to your Regional Platoon Team to upload to the library.

5) Copy the URL like you have before and attach to your event or upload to Facebook, flyers, posters, etc...