Social Event

Social Events provide an opportunity for Platoon Members to socialize, build camaraderie, strategize about future events, and simply have fun! Social Events typically take the shape of a Service Platoon dinner, group activity or outdoor excursions. For example, 1st Platoon San Antonio planned a one-day float trip at a nearby river for Platoon Members and their families.

The Platoon will typically provide food, drinks, activity admission or venue rental costs utilizing the Platoon budget. We highly encourage you to plan some of your Social Events with families in mind (such as: barbecues, beach days, bonfires, etc).

Social Events further engage active members and encourages participation by less active members. Social Events bring veterans together to support one another as many of us struggle to navigate through reintegration back into civilian life.

Remember, you are trying to create a sense of identity and camaraderie among Platoon Members. Be creative!

  • Social gathering of Platoon Members on a monthly or bi-monthly basis
  • Can involve family members, but should not involve non-veteran members of the Platoon
  • Each Platoon has a social budget, but the Social Event Squad Leader should attempt go get event space and food donated
  • The Platoon social is never to be used for the purchase of alcohol.
  • While the Platoon can host formal social events that are planned out and funded, some Platoons have a "standing social", where, for example, they are always at a local sports bar on the third Thursday of every month. Members are responsible for paying for their own food or drink.
  • Other social events could include smaller programs that are limited. For example, a Platoon sponsor may have spots for eight veterans to play golf at a charity tournament or tickets for a sports event or concert.