Support Events

Support Events are opportunities for Platoon Members to volunteer at an already existing volunteer event. These events are planned and executed by another nonprofit and require no funding from the Service Platoon.

Support Events are great for building relationships within the community. Because Platoon Members simply show up in their Mission Continues shirts and volunteer their time, it’s a great opportunity to build momentum and keep members engaged.

Support Events should support your Service Platoon’s mission. For example, 1st Platoon Washington, D.C.’s Focus Area is hunger and nutrition. They executed a number of Support Events serving meals at local food pantries.

There is no limit to the number of Support Events the Service Platoon can participate in.

  • Does not have to fall within the general area of the operation of the Service Platoon.
  • Event is hosted or planned by another entity or non-profit, the Service Platoon provides volunteers and some resources.
  • Generally referred to as a "plug and play" project.
  • Can be directed by Platoon Leader or Squad Leaders
    • In some cases, if a Platoon Member is aware of a project in their area, such as a food drive, they can put word out through the Platoon leadership team to recruit volunteers
  • Note: While Support Events are easy to become a part of remember two important things:
    • Platoon resources should be reserved for our Service Events.
    • Do not burn out your volunteers on other groups missions, concentrate on your efforts first.