The Grassroots Platoons serve as an extension of our Service Platoon Program. Although supported in a different way by TMC staff and logistics, Grassroots Platoons will continue to function alongside our Service Platoon Program as a city-based and team-based program that empowers veterans to join with non-veterans to tackle tough community challenges in under-resourced communities.

With that being said, the Hub Site is applicable and relevant to your efforts. This page will walk you through expectations, training, as well as cover minor differences in how you will operate.


Grassroots Platoons will execute with limited staff support to bring veterans and non-veterans together in teams that partner with local community organizations and initiatives to create positive change in under-resourced areas.

Grassroots Platoons establish objectives for their community work, and will work in their first year to accomplish those objectives through support, social, and special events (no required service projects).


Throughout your tenure as a platoon leader you will have learning and development opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and experience you need to successfully lead your platoon and make an impact in your community.

These opportunities will range from individual sessions with your mentor, online courses, to live virtual trainings led by The Mission Continues Program Strategy, IT and External Affairs teams.

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What is the difference between a CIM and a Mentor?

A mentor is a tenured member of The Mission Continues. They have been selected to assist Grassroots Platoon Leaders in launching successful Platoons. As prior Platoon Leaders, they are at the spear of knowledge in how to manage a Platoon, recruit veterans, and engage the community.