Awards are a great way to recognize members of your Platoon, non-profit partners, or companies that have supported you. Along with certificates, Platoon Leaders have awarded Platoon coins, swag, or other gear. Talk to your Regional Platoon Team about how to make this happen.

Be sure to get a solid card stock or high quality photo paper for the award. You can spend Platoon funds on a nice frame for these awards.

Certificate of Appreciation

Great for letting people, orgs, or other groups know how much we appreciate them.

Certificate of Recognition

Let individuals, groups, or orgs know that they have done great work.

Volunteer of the Month

Show your appreciation for a key member of your Platoon.

Other Awards

If you wish to have another award created, please contact your Regional Platoon Team. If there is a trophy or plaque that you would like to create for an award, please contact Regional Platoon Team.

Platoon Awards

Each year The Mission Continues recognizes Service Platoons at our annual Summit. One Platoon from each of the five regions is award the Top Regional Platoon and one of those Platoons is then chosen to be Platoon of the Year.