Home Depot

Home Depot Text-To-Pay

We have a great tool with Home Depot, the Text-To-Pay option.

This is a really simple program that will allow you to make purchases at the Home Depot on an account owned by The Mission Continues!


1. Purchase your items at the Pro Desk check-out.

2. After they are done ringing up the items, say you would like to pay via Text-to-Pay.

3. They will ask for a phone number. Give them the phone number of your CIM or RRS.

4. They will ask for a job name: use your Platoon name ex. LA 1st Platoon or Houston 2nd Platoon

5. They will ask for your name: give them your name.

6. The Regional Platoon Team will receive the text and will reply to pay for your purchase!

7. Go forth and do awesomeness!

There are a few rules (of course!)

1. Work out a budget ahead of time with your Regional Platoon Team. They shouldn't be receiving a text for a purchase late on a Friday night for $1200 without any context.

2. Give the Regional Platoon Team a heads up if you are delegating purchases to someone else in the Platoon.

3. Let your Regional Platoon Team know when you are heading to Home Depot. They might be on a plane, in a meeting, or in the shower! They have to approve the purchase over the phone, so be sure they are in the loop.

4. You will still need to keep your receipts and submit them via the app.

5. This is not just for wood or mulch! You can get water and small hand tools for projects as well.

6. Unfortunately, the Home Depot does not allow tool rentals with this program.