Per Diems

Per diems are issued to Platoon Leaders in good standing with The Mission Continues. The per diem is $400 a month and covers the following types of expenses incurred while directly volunteering as a Platoon Leader:

  • gasoline
  • travel expenses in the area
  • meals (including taking out community partners or potential partners)
  • childcare services
  • parking and toll
  • similar expenses that may have occurred while directly volunteering on behalf of The Mission Continues.

Note! The per diem is not a pay check from The Mission Continues. The standard $400 monthly per diem is a way to make sure the any personal expenses incurred are not hindering a Platoon Leader from future volunteering opportunities.

It is up to the CIM/CIS assigned to your Platoon to issue a Platoon Leaders per diem. The per diem is issued at the end of a month, after a Platoon Leader has met certain milestones for the month. Such milestones may include:

  • Successfully creating and executing your assigned project/event for the month.
  • Staying in contact with the CIM/CIS.
  • Updating attendance records and after action reports in Salesforce.
  • Completion of Training Assignments

Platoon Leaders are not employees of The Mission Continues. The per diem may be considered additional income by the Internal Revenue Service. Because of this, we have all incoming Platoon Leaders fill out a W9 form.