Platoon Leader Planning Document

Planning Your Year of Leadership

The Platoon Leader Planning & Strategy Document is the most important document for the Platoon Leader program and the mission of each Service Platoon.

The essential focus of the Planning Document is the Mission Statement, which is what defines the Platoon in the community and what community issue will they be working on. This document also lays out the expected duties, milestones, and goals of the Platoon Leader that will track their success throughout the year. Using Platoon Leader Phases, the entire team can show the progress and success of Platoon Leaders in their role of accomplishing the mission.

This is a great tool to help you generate a proper strategy and plan for the upcoming year!

Platoon Leaders work with their Regional Directors and Platoon Leaders to create this document and it is a team effort to make sure that the goals are reasonable, challenging, and finally accomplished.

The Platoon Leader Planning Document is created during the first month to the Platoon Leaders tenure with the Platoon Leader Program and must be completed by the end of the first month in order for a per diem to be issued.

Platoon Leader Planning & Strategy Document may be re-issued depending on changes to the mission or activity of the Platoon Leader or Platoon during the year long mission. While a Platoon Leader may request a change in the document, the final decision resides with the Regional Director.