Salesforce Training

Salesforce Communities

Using Salesforce1 on your Smartphone and checking people in? Check here.

Salesforce Communities Training is for Platoon Leaders and Squad Leaders who have access to Salesforce Communities.


Communities handles five primary things:

  1. Maintaining Platoon Member rosters
  2. Creating Events that are published on the website for people to RSVP.
  3. Keeping track of members who attend events.
  4. Connecting organizations and corporations to your Platoon in the database.
  5. Creating and sending professional emails.


The training below will cover the different areas of Salesforce Communities that you will use.

Creating a Venue - Video - Slideshow

Learn how to create Venues (locations) for your event.

Creating an Event - Video -Slideshow

Create events for members and volunteers to sign up for.

Managing an Event - Video

See how your event roster is filled and what the sign in sheet looks like.

Sending Emails - Video

Create email newsletters, send activity reports, and send event updates.

Managing Your Platoon Roster - Video

Learn how to manage your members and track their activity.

Closing Events and AAR - Video

Learn how to manage your members and track their activity.

Checking in People at Events - Click Here.

Use the Salesforce1 App to manage event attendance on site.

Useful Tips

  • Do you have an upcoming event, but haven't locked in the location? You can't create an Event without a Venue, but you can create a "TBD Venue". Go to Venues, create a new venue, without a street address. Just do City, State, and ZIP. Title the Venue as your city with "TBD", for example, "Seattle - TBD" or "San Antonio - TBD". This way you can save the event in Salesforce and then go back and add the correct venue later.
  • Always print off a roster of your event attendees on the morning of your event. In case there is an issue with Salesforce or other issue with the programs, you can still check in people on paper.
  • You can close out an Event and then go back later to add the notes.
  • It's a good idea to go through your roster every three months and identify people you haven't heard from in awhile. Reach out to them, if you don't hear anything, make them inactive.
  • Click on Manage Event Attendance to check people into your event. You can do this from a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. You will receive an email on the morning of your event with a direct link to this check in. To check people in, you double tap the names.
  • DO NOT SHARE INFORMATION If another organization, group, company, etc... wants to reach out to our members and asks for a roster or email list DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM. It is the property of The Mission Continues and our volunteers entrust us to protect their property.